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Help Is Finally Here For Sleep Apnea Patients !
Finally, sleep apnea sufferers have a solution to deal with storing and organizing all the equipment and accessories that come with CPAP or BIPAP machines in a beautifully handcrafted bedroom nightstand designed specifically for the needs of sleep apnea patients.

What Is CPAP Hideaway ?
The CPAP Hideaway is a piece of medical furniture specifically designed for those people who have sleep apnea and use a Cpap or Bipap machine. The CPAP Hideaway stores the Cpap / Bipap machine and all the Cpap / Bipap accessories discreetly in a quality piece of bedroom furniture. Screen covers over the ventilation holes in the back of the nightstand not only reduce the amount of dust in the Cpap mask, but it also prevents insects from entering and possibly causing the cpap user more health issues such as pneumonia.

Did You Answer YES to Any Of These Questions ?

  1. Have hoses, masks, or distilled water jugs become part of your bedroom decor?
  2. Have you almost pulled your CPAP / BIPAP unit off the night stand ?
  3. Is your CPAP / BIPAP machine on the floor collecting dust?, bugs?
  4. Does Your CPAP / BIPAP machine take up too much room on your nightstand?
  5. Have you knocked the CPAP off your night stand while trying to find the remote control ?, alarm clock ?, telephone ?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, then click below for

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Manufactured by Westwood Enterprises, Inc.
Patent Pending: #61/217,751
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